All lessons are very influenced by you skills. Someone needs one hour to learn new information, someone needs more time. Each lesson lasts 1.5 hours and costs 40 euro. In a case if you take a package of lessons — you get 20% discount.

I can offer you 4 themes/4 packages:

  • Basic image correction:
    RAW format. How to pull out maximum info from your picture.
    Cleaning up, cropping, finding the main part of the image.
    Working with contrasts using channels, curves, etc.
  • Color correction
    Some theory about color and more effective use of it.
    Choosing the «mood» of post-production.
    Reducing, replacing, changing «wrong» colors.
    Working with Levels, Color balance, Selective Color , etc.
  • Special effects
    Types of textures and proper use.
    Modes of applying depending on the style of you picture.
    Light «picturesque» textures, paper effect, painting effect.
    Artificial snow and rain, lights, rays, etc.
  • Creative retouching of a portrait
    Getting more attention to some parts of the face.
    Proper working with colors on a portrait depending on a mood of a picture.


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